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Brian Green Quotes

8 Brian Green quotes:

"in one of the most intensely used recreational lakes in our region, increased scenic value, and very substantial economic benefits to the Lincoln City area."
Author: Green Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"All these reports have something to contribute, ... Keep in mind that many vendors use extracts from the reports containing only the pieces you want to see."
Author: Green Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"Weird offers since '90210?' Well, they keep offering me 'The Surreal Life.' But don't worry, I won't do it. If it's keeping you from sleeping, just don't fret that Brian Austin Green will be on 'The Surreal Life' anytime soon."
Author: Green Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"The reality in today's world is that we can't build it from the ground up, so we'll have to adapt existing structures into a facility like this and do it bit by bit."
Author: Green Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"We support the devices that are in the marketplace."
Author: Green Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"My name is Brian Green by birth. Austin was made up by my parents when I was nine, because there was another Brian Green in the Screen Actors Guild."
Author: Green Quotes Category: Birth Quotes
"This is something that's promoted by our competition. Consider this as part of the bigger picture of TCO. We have customers who have moved and see the advantage of the whole Linux solution,"
Author: Green Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"Being able to do this gave me my hope and courage to face this disease I had to face every night when I went home and that's really why I'm here tonight ? is that hope. I had the hope that tomorrow would be a better day and, hopefully, a day without cancer and that's the same hope that we're all here for tonight."
Author: Green Quotes Category: Courage Quotes

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