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"It is extremely rough ... to be overshadowed that much by the girls and what they were doing. It almost took their focus away from what they were supposed to be doing because when they did get up for a race, it happened."
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"I really hate excuses, but we probably had two of the most intense weeks of training the last two weeks. I was not about to sacrifice swimming fast later on just for the satisfaction of swimming fast in a dual meet. I will never do that."
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"[Western Illinois] wasn't the strongest of opponents. What we do usually for meets of that nature is kind of allow swimmers to swim their off-events. Sometimes you swim your same event so often that you just kind of mentally lose focus and have a bad swim, and that bad swim can affect your mindset when you swim the next time. I liked the opportunity to have the majority of the team swim off events."
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"We couldn't have done any better. Our guys showed up to race. We went season's best in approximately 90 percent of the swims, which, for training as hard as we're training, is phenomenal. Usually that does not happen at this time of the year."
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"We only won two races, ... but we only had two events that we didn't have anybody in the top eight in. Out of 19 events, that's not bad."
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"We swam them earlier this year, and Rolla just annihilated us. It wasn't even close. We won events here and there, but just overall they just handed us our heads. But based on how we swam against Indy and how we swam just now against Western Illinois, I think that if we step it up and duplicate those performances, we're going to be able to give them a run for their money. It will be nail-biter. It will come down to every point."
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"Our depth is going to be what is going to come up for us against Drury. Drury has horses. They have about four or five horses that are really strong in individual events. At the same time, in order for [Drury coach Brian Reynolds] to even try and win a relay he's going to have to throw all four of them on one relay, where we have both of our relays equally strong. If we make up those 32 points it's going to be on our depth."
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"Honestly, it was a disappointing meet for them. There's many factors that can go into it - I shoulder the blame for some of it. But, at the same time, the first couple of days there, I don't think their heads were in the right place."
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