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Brevin Knight Quotes

10 Brevin Knight quotes:

"I'm still at a point where I want to play (a lot). I feel like my body has still got that. I want to be here, and I want to play."
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"Portland came in here after their last three games by losing an average of 30 points. That's not a knock on Portland, but that was the rut that they were in. We should have kept them in that rut. The effort that we put forth can not be tolerated at any level. There is no excuse to how we played this evening."
Author: Knight Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"We had a lot of good performances form a lot of people tonight. To cap it off with a win is a great feeling. Hopefully this will springboard us to finish the rest of the season strong."
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"We're asking people to play against guys that outweigh them in some spots by 30 or 40 pounds. That wears on you after a while."
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"Once you get to this point, with the power and status that you get being at this level, you're able to command more things. Not everybody knows how to deal with that power in the correct way."
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"Injuries are part of the game. We need all our pieces to win, but we'll keep fighting and we can turn this thing around and get a win."
"They were giving him stuff and not even running at him and he wasn't even coming close. Now that's a big part of his game. With his ball-handling ability he can get anywhere on the court and elevate over you and get any shot."
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"I've been around for a while and the guys know when it gets later in the game that I'll step up and be as aggressive as I need to be. Tonight it was just making a basket and then getting in a rhythm shooting free throws, so I wanted the ball in my hands towards the end."
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"It's coming down to the end of the season and right now it's just playing for pride. Our guys still want to get better and have a good showing every night we step on the court."
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"We had injuries to everyone. We still have got people who are playing that probably could sit down, but that's the NBA."
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