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10 Randy Thomasson quotes:

"To keep it out is anti-education. ... You can't just tell children that they come from monkeys and to forget all about any other theory for how life began and the incredible design of the universe and the human body."
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"This in-your-face attack means California voters will rise up and vote to amend the state constitution and override the politicians who apparently couldn't care less about the people's vote of marriage,"
"He'll actually become a hero to the majority of Californians when he vetoes it. The 'Terminator' should announce without delay that this bill is dead meat."
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"When the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals delivered the craziest ruling in American history by striking down the Pledge of Allegiance three years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court stepped in and stopped the insanity. The lower courts striking down the pledge again is like a dog returning to its vomit."
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"How can God bless California when our lawmakers do this? ... The Democrat-controlled Senate has completely overturned the people's vote on marriage."
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"Woo-hoo, ... I'm happy. I want to publicly thank Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I want to thank God right now."
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"Our friends' weak language has stumbled and fallen."
"We call upon Gov. Schwarzenegger to announce that he will veto this anti- marriage, anti-voter bill."
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"This corrupt deed by state legislators will energize voters to sign the http://www.VoteYesMarriage.com petition a month from now, to protect marriage rights for one man and one woman once and for all,"
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"Marriage is a natural and beautiful institution between a man and a woman. It's wrong for judges and politicians to destroy marriage, which is the very foundation of society."
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