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Jim Weaver Quotes

9 Jim Weaver quotes:

"The impact broke loose a bolt, which was holding the car seat in. It broke loose from the body of the car."
Author: Weaver Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"Compared to other fiscal and budgetary years, at the start of the [budget process,] we have been at 22, 20, and 18 percent so we are below where we have been in the past couple of years."
Author: Weaver Quotes Category: Budgets Quotes
"It's not really indecent exposure since he didn't show any genitalia. But if the victim said, 'He caused me fear,' we would charge him with disorderly conduct."
Author: Weaver Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"If it hits soft tissue, it can hurt or do serious damage. For someone who is a convicted felon, these things are a lot easier to get a hold of."
Author: Weaver Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"My little guy (son Craig) is 5. If I can work another 10 years, that takes me until he's in high school. That doesn't mean I'll definitely work that long, but I hope I can."
Author: Weaver Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"I could be a lot worse, when you hear of people struggling with heart disease or cancer. When you're in athletics all your life, as I've been, you learn to deal with the environment. In a football game, one day it's snowing, the next day it's raining. ... You've got to deal with all those factors. That's just rubbed off on my life."
Author: Weaver Quotes Category: Cancer Quotes
"We live in the geographic footprint of the ACC, ... It would seem if they want to enhance football, they might want to look pretty seriously at Virginia Tech, because we've been pretty good the last 10 years."
Author: Weaver Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"We like to go out whenever there is a football game on, especially here because it's a really nice place. It's great to be someplace where there's a lot of people and noise because it makes watching the game a lot more fun."
Author: Weaver Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"I think he feels badly that he's hurt his family and the university and the fans, and he wants to right the ship. This (suspension) gives him a chance to do that. It is also crystal clear that if he is involved in any other kinds of trouble, whether it be judicial, athletic or through the university, his association with the university will be terminated. He knows that. He knows exactly where he stands."
Author: Weaver Quotes Category: Family Quotes

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