John Smoltz Quotes

10 John Smoltz quotes:

"It's one thing to deal with criticism when you haven't done your job. That's part of the game. But it's harder to deal with it before you've even been given a chance."
"I have the ultimate faith in what he's able to do."
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"The good and the bad about my body is that when something happens, it acts adversely, ... But then I can get well real quick. ... I'm still pretty confident I have enough time to do that."
Author: Smoltz Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"It was a game here. One was an inside-the-park home run in which [left fielder] Lonnie Smith had trouble getting the ball out of the little trough down the left-field line."
Author: Smoltz Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"It's just a case of giving me a couple extra days off. We're fresh enough in the starting rotation."
Author: Smoltz Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"When you're put in this position, you have either one of two feelings gut-wrenching or ecstasy ... there's nothing else you can feel,"
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"Ultimately, I did what I wanted to do. If I can throw seven innings the rest of the way and we sustain this lead, it's going to help me a lot."
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"I know, if nothing was done differently [to the rules for the game], ... it would have been managed differently [anyway] because of last year."
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"We just have to remember that this thing isn't over until that magic number is at zero. We have to keep our focus."
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"After last season, I had to make some changes. I couldn't keep going with the philosophy that I had to pitch no matter what."
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