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"There's some golf courses that fit my style of play, ... Thank God there's a couple of them left that we play. I can count on one hand how many like those are left."
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"We're just erring on the side of caution. It's a very remote possibility that it is contaminated."
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"I had a good weekend of practice and felt good coming in here because it's a golf course where you don't have to be super long, ... It's playing fast enough that I can reach some of the par 5s in two and on the long par 4s I'm not hitting long irons in. I think I can compete that way."
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"It doesn't matter what you're ranked or how good you are, you have to prove it every night."
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"She's gone from not being able to lift the bar, a skinny body that wasn't very strong, ... to now starting to look like a big time college volleyball player - an international level athlete. Hopefully she's going to see great results on the court."
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"They were cut down for a better view of the river and for more yard space."
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"There's no doubt, when Tiger's playing his best, there's only a Big One. There's him and there's four other guys. When (Tiger) is kind of just OK, that's when you bring Vijay into the mix. He's clearly the world's No. 2."
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"Everyone had the opportunity to give it their best shot, and it sends the wrong message if we reject the bids at this time, ... I would hope the council would support awarding the bids."
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"LCN Technology is excited to offer Vignette's solutions to our customers. Web technologies have come a long way since the first major build-out of network services. LCN is excited about the new ways in which companies and individuals can communicate and collaborate for increased productivity. We have completed initial product training and have begun to build out what we expect to be a robust pipeline of opportunities."
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"It's a national championship, so it should be tough. It's got length, it's not a short golf course by any means. It's got all you want. There's a premium on every phase of the game. You have to drive the ball in the fairway, you have to control your irons well and you have to putt well. If you miss the greens around here you will have such a difficult shot that you will have at best five- to 10-footers for par."
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"We're taking a risk here to see if this works. On paper it's awesome. It's going to give teams fits."
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"Phase 2 may have to be altered. It may need to be shrunk because of parking."
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