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14 Matt Johnson quotes:

"Everyone who's going has already seen the meet, so it won't be an overwhelming experience. It won't just be a thrill to be there, it will be a thrill to compete."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"We weren't coming from some other industry where we had some adjunct business."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"We were just trying to wear on him a little and body him up when he came into the lane. He's got such good hands and nice touch around the hoop. He's going to get his points; we just tried to contain the rest of their players."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"These guys made a commitment that they wanted to get here, and once they got here they wanted to win a championship. They believed that's done on the defensive end of the floor. In the semis and the finals they showed that."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"He's got all the confidence in the world."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"This is my favorite weather, ... I love it. Because we get dirty and we play football."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"While they are having fun and getting dirty, they are also learning something. But don't tell the kids that."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"From a macro standpoint, clearly we're looking for information regarding employment (data from the government) on Friday as the next catalyst, ... There's been no information that's been market-moving as of late. But in general, the environment for tech investing has been good."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"It is a fair trade of information to resolve any issues we all are having."
"It certainly leads to a lot of late nights and hard work. There is a quality established with their brand and reputation and certainly we take personal responsibility for living up to that."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Hard Work Quotes
"They came out really strong, and we weren't ready for it. It's just hard."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"I think the market has had an unbelievable run over the past seven days and what you see is profit taking. What's driving the market today (Friday) is what people are doing in the cash market, so it's not options expiration."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"The risk of acquiring a customer is lower. They can get a 20 [percent] to 50 percent conversion off an existing base, plus growth. They are strong, stable customers."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"To my knowledge, it's the first series of paintings in a modern style of Fort Myers."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Knowledge Quotes

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