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Mark Schlereth Quotes

4 Mark Schlereth quotes:

"Get over it. It's football season. Read about it in the newspapers."
Author: Schlereth Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"The Colts don't owe anyone [a thing]. They have one debt on their ledger and that's an IOU they wrote to themselves in training camp and that's to win a world championship, not to have an undefeated season."
Author: Schlereth Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"The talent is so close in the NFL that you're standing on the razor's edge of being an elite team and being a mediocre team, ... The Colts are one injury to Peyton Manning from being a .500 football team. Every team in the NFL is like that."
Author: Schlereth Quotes Category: Talent Quotes
"It takes a toll on your body, there's no question. It's like getting in a car wreck every day."
Author: Schlereth Quotes Category: Body Quotes

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