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14 Robert Esche quotes:

"This has been a difficult building for us. This was a step in the right direction, especially if they are our first-round (opponent)."
Author: Esche Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"I felt really weak, but there's no excuses."
Author: Esche Quotes Category: Excuse Quotes
"I just wanted to fire them up and it worked for about 10 minutes."
Author: Esche Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"These guys are really gifted. These guys' upper body strength ... you see these guys take off, they are unbelievable."
Author: Esche Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"He?s got a job to do. He?s got to make unpopular decisions. He?s got to make tough decisions. I?m not going to go in and cry over spilled milk. I?m not going to be a baby with the coach because he chooses to do something."
"There are some young players in here who are going to carry the team in the future. I think it would be pretty unfair to judge them right now."
Author: Esche Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"I wasn't yelling at anybody. I was as fired up as everybody. We're all upset when goals go in. It's not a finger-pointing thing but the process of moving ahead and making sure it doesn't happen again."
Author: Esche Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"It's kind of weird. I find myself doing some things that are uncharacteristic of me. I surprised myself [with] how calm I am in certain situations."
Author: Esche Quotes Category: Kindness Quotes
"That's in the past. I don't really want to talk about that."
Author: Esche Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"If we go out and win outright the rest of the way through, we put ourselves in a good position. But we have one game, and that's Thursday. Then after that we have one game, and it's Saturday. Right now, each game is more important than the next and that's the way it's going to be right through the playoffs."
Author: Esche Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"He's a great man. I like him a lot. Obviously, stuff will come out. I don't really know the details of it. But I do know he is a good man."
Author: Esche Quotes Category: Man Quotes
"I feel good but it doesn't make sense just to jump back into full practice. I'll go long tomorrow [in practice]. My goal in the next week or two is to get through a game without feeling anything."
Author: Esche Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"He's just jealous, he's got a big butt. The blades didn't work well for him. That machine was too small for him."
Author: Esche Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"I don't know how great (my performance) was. I felt like I was in the zone but you never feel good when you give up one more goal than the other team. We just got to put it behind us."
Author: Esche Quotes Category: Performance Quotes

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