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Mario Gallucci Quotes

6 Mario Gallucci quotes:

"He feels sorry for these people, that they're living this nightmare. But he also knows they were sterilized. If they weren't, then that was the fault of the distributors who were sterilizing the tissue and cleaning it."
Author: Gallucci Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"He's a family man, he works, he goes home, and from what I know, he's not a social butterfly."
Author: Gallucci Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"If you're told by the funeral home that it's a 45-year-old woman and you show up and she's 90 years old, there's a problem."
Author: Gallucci Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"His intention was to -- and still is to -- harvest tissue and provide it to tissue banks. What he has done is legal."
Author: Gallucci Quotes Category: Intention Quotes
"It's $500 to use the funeral home, $250 for a body delivery, and another $250 to dispose of the body, to get it ready after the tissue is recovered."
Author: Gallucci Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"Now he coaches his son's football team."
Author: Gallucci Quotes Category: Football Quotes

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