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"In terms of body language, management seemed a little more defensive to us than usual. Moreover, we find the lack of guidance from a company with the scale and savvy of Pfizer worrisome; it suggests to us that the company doesn't know itself about the future performance of its own internal operations."
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"For most of the U.S. companies, it's more about cost control than revenue growth. I think you'll see more of this the rest of the year until we start seeing pipeline products get to market."
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"For Pfizer, it offers some hope for the future that they can get novel products to market. This proves that they have drug development capability and points to a brighter future 18 months out."
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"They're getting rid of unnecessary things and using the money to fund research and development."
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"We figured there would be some deterioration, but not like this. It looks like problems across the board."

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