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"It's like I, Robot , when Will Smith had that iron on one side of his body. I know I'm protected, ... I'm not going out there timid. God forbid it to happen again, but if it does it'll be when I'm running 110 miles an hour."
Author: Rogers Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"We will continue the class as long as we have an interest."
Author: Rogers Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"I just have to keep working hard to prove them wrong."
Author: Rogers Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"My time is now. I've stayed positive and hungry and worked hard. Having not done it yet is going to make it more special when I do."
Author: Rogers Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"You listen to everybody, but Shawn played the game. You'd be a fool if you didn't listen to him."
"We have to step our game more and help him out as much as we can,"
Author: Rogers Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"Reggie is the type of coach you know will always be in your life. He is a genuine person who is always there for you through any situation."
Author: Rogers Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"I was just determined, I don't know when the next time is I'll get in. As far as me starting, it won't happen."
"what he does every day in his life."
Author: Rogers Quotes Category: Life Quotes

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