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"My biggest problem was that I never had an amount of fear that was really measurable until it was too late. I went from, like, 'No fear, no fear,' to 'Oh, God.' For me, it was always, 'See how far I can push it and, oops, I pushed it too far."
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"It depends on a lot of things: the snow, weather, how my body is feeling, and whether I need it to win a competition. But if I really need to take a huge risk and it's the Olympics, you know I'll be going for it."
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"As far as competition and stress, I'm sure will be through the roof. But I'm going to walk away having fun. That's why I came here. Yes, I came here for a reason, but I'm also here to have fun. That's mostly the reason I came here."
"Lots of pictures. You don't need that many words. Every athlete has a cool story, but pictures are what it's about. It's about looking cool."
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