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16 Larry Johnson quotes:

"No excuses here. Our scores have to come up,"
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"It's just tradition. It's been going on so long. My family has been coming here for generations now."
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"The president has flip-flopped on his promise to fire anyone in the White House implicated in a leak."
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"Send the families to us, ... We don't have much for older adults without children, but we can help families out financially with benefit checks and food stamps. Those who haven't ever applied for food stamps will still be able to fill out an application."
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"There's so much information in such volumes that there's a limit to what any analyst can absorb."
"An exposure like that required an immediate operational and counter intelligence damage assessment. That was done. The results were written up but not in a form for submission to anyone outside of CIA."
"We knew the yards were going to be hard. We knew they would try to shut down the run as much as they could. Trent did a good job hitting the receivers on some third-down passes."
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"It is part of our responsibility to make sure that our product is being used efficiently by our customers. That certainly is one of our challenges."
"Basically, I will say this. It is an unfortunate event that happened to me Friday night,"
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"We just started our investigation, ... The SBI is here now, and it is suspicious in nature."
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"By keeping my weight on my heels and running kind of flat-footed. I'm already flat-footed, so I don't run much on my toes and I tried not to plant as hard. But when I saw a hole, I made sure I got enough underneath me to hit the hole."
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"Shooting on board an airplane requires different, what are called, rules of engagement close-quarter battle. And that's something that you don't wake up and learn in just two or three days."
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"I don't want to waste three or four years of my prime running behind somebody - period. I don't care who it is. I feel like I should start somewhere in this league."
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"Don't tie up your retirement portfolio in one stock,"
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Retirement Quotes
"The technology and resources are there to effectively fight this. We just need to work smarter to do this."
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"For me, the most interesting thing was that... much of our interactions with Electric Sheep took place in Second Life , avatar to avatar. The social aspects of Second Life were a very interesting part of the project for me because a lot of this took place in that world, even though it was a real-world contract between two companies."
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