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Anthony Crescenzi Quotes

6 Anthony Crescenzi quotes:

"It would be a mistake to get bearish on the consumer now, ... It's been a mistake to be bearish on the consumer for many years."
Author: Crescenzi Quotes Category: Mistakes Quotes
"There are hints now that the worst may be over in the labor story."
Author: Crescenzi Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"They could have said there's a clear acceleration in economic activity currently under way, but it remains at risk of weakening or reversing, owing to the labor market and other factors. To leave it out completely doesn't make any sense to me -- it's as if they think the market's full of dummies."
Author: Crescenzi Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"Even if the economy slows, there will still be inflation, ... But there comes a point when the Fed won't pay attention to inflation because of a slowing economy."
"One of the key reasons payrolls exceeded the consensus was due to a 31K gain in manufacturing jobs, the first gain in 11 months. With more of these high-paying jobs in the mix, average wages were pulled higher."
Author: Crescenzi Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"In an environment where there is a lot of uncertainty, the short end will get the benefit. The bond is catching up to the strength on the short end."

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