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Bruce Thompson Quotes

9 Bruce Thompson quotes:

"You gotta love it. No fog, nice breeze, plenty warm. Is sure is nice."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Love Quotes
"It would cost us a fortune to remove that."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Fortune Quotes
"We have a four game series this weekend. Our goal is to win all four games this weekend. We want to win one, and make sure to come back out hard and win the second too."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"Using our land might make the quarry more efficient, which would allow them to extract the rock more quickly."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"It's not like they want to do this on virgin conservation land. This land was violated in 1952 when the parking lot was paved."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"The center, for the past several years, has led the way in computer simulation technology."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"Paul and Sarah Edwards are truly deserving of this award and recognition. Their books, talks and consulting have spawned thousands of new businesses across the nation and created a whole new class of small business owners working from home."
"If they can get the rock out more quickly, they can leave, and we can get on with our business. They are allowed to stay until 2012 now. If we could get a couple of years off that, that is a lot of time."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"The Air Force spends a significant amount of money testing equipment, and operational costs go up each year with the aging of equipment. Our job is to keep those costs down and the planes flying."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Force Quotes

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