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4 James Caron quotes:

"Even though the equity market does rebound a little bit, it is never met with a lot of faith."
Author: Caron Quotes Category: Faith Quotes
"As the Nikkei moves up in price, it signifies growth in the Japanese economy, ... That will signal higher yields in Japan, which will make them at the margin less net buyers of U.S. Treasuries."
"People don't want to trade ... They don't even want to hear ideas. They just want to know their books are hedged. If an event -- God forbid -- happened, the market could swing pretty hard. But this uncertainty doesn't create more activity; it (depresses) activity because no one wants to do anything. Things kind of grind to a virtual halt."
"There was a misunderstanding in terms of how the information was presented, and once the issues became clear, the market resumed the rally that we've been having today."
Author: Caron Quotes Category: Information Quotes

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