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"So let the haters hate, let the doubters doubt, I stand by my book, and my life, and I won't dignify this bullshit with any sort of further response."
Author: Frey Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"I think writing a book about this experience would be trying to capitalize on it in some way and that's not something I want to do at all."
Author: Frey Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"When one lives without fear, one cannot be broken."
Author: Frey Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"I was a bad guy. If I was gonna write a book that was true, and I was gonna write a book that was honest, then I was gonna have to write about myself in very, very negative ways."
"He's got a very good offensive game. He can make plays."
Author: Frey Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"My mistake, and it is one I deeply regret, is writing about the person I created in my mind to help me cope, and not the person who went through the experience."
Author: Frey Quotes Category: Honesty Quotes
"The first thing I said was, 'Oh my God,'"
Author: Frey Quotes Category: God Quotes
"It finally validated, in his mind, that he had a story to be told."
Author: Frey Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"I think I made a lot of mistakes in writing the book and promoting the book."
Author: Frey Quotes Category: Mistakes Quotes
"Everyone's memory is subjective. If in three weeks we were both interviewed about what went on here tonight, we would both probably have very, very different stories."
Author: Frey Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"With this merger, PacifiCare members will have the benefit of this technology years ahead of when we would have had it were to remain,"
Author: Frey Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"You've never been in love?Not even close.And no ones ever in love with you?Men always want to f**k me, but no one has ever loved me.I don't Believe that.It's True.I stare back.If it makes a difference, I' dont want to f*ck you.She laughs.Thanks.I think you're beautiful, but I wouldn't f*ck you because when we were done, i wouldnt want you to feel f*cked. I would try to make love to you, and I would probably be clumsy and awkward, but when it was over, I would want you to feel loved.She smiles.Thank you, James.I smile. Thank you,Lilly."
Author: Frey Quotes Category: Love Quotes
"I don't care what level you're on. To go from being the star to being the eighth, ninth man on the team, it's very humbling. But he's handled it very well. He's a very humble young man."
Author: Frey Quotes Category: Man Quotes
"Good words to be reminded of,"
Author: Frey Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"Sometimes skulls are thick.Sometimes hearts are vacant.Sometimes words don't work."
Author: Frey Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"This program provides critical resources to new parents experiencing not only the joys but also the challenges of a new baby."
Author: Frey Quotes Category: Parents Quotes

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