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"Unlike books and products that are available everywhere, Broadway isn't distributed that way. Even if you love everything Oprah tells you to do."
"The New York Education Grants have been extremely successful in helping to provide unique Broadway experiences to young people, many of whom may not have had the opportunity to go to the theatre before. Education programs are crucial for the growth and survival of Broadway, as they encourage young people to develop a lifelong appreciation of the arts."
"If that trend continues, it's good for a lot of parts of the economy, but not so good for us."
"That's the sixth compromise offer we have made in the last seven days, and the musicians' union has made none."
"The two-way traffic between New York and Hollywood has been a fact of life since Hollywood was invented. But the traffic has really intensified in the last five years."
"Broadway has had a long tradition of performing even during the most difficult circumstances, and we look forward to continuing in that tradition during this transit work stoppage."
"It is truly history in the making that the country music world is coming to New York, and joining with Broadway for such a wonderful, unusual and entertaining event. This special concert, performed by some of the superstars from both worlds, will not only highlight the similarities and universality of these two seemingly different genres, but also help expand the audience for each style of music."
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"The cost of producing both the live show in Times Square and the television broadcast was prohibitive this year. We look forward to bringing BOB back to television next year."

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