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9 Linda Thompson quotes:

"She loved her neighbors. She loved getting company, and she had lots of friends."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"The power of the dream, the faith in things unseen. The courage to embrace your fear. No matter where you are, to reach for your own star... to realize the power of the dream."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Dreams Quotes
"It would be my pleasure to visit Greg Nickels and ask him to establish a fund, ... We need to work as a team, as a city. This is a prime opportunity."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Pleasure Quotes
"She loved to travel with me and my sister. If we called and said we were going anywhere, we had to take her along."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"Divorces can be very stressful. This divorce became extremely stressful."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Divorce Quotes
"Management has cut staff, brought in temp workers and slashed our wages and benefits, ... We deal with extremely sick people in need of the cleanest, most sterile environment and food made to their exact nutritional needs. This is a not a fast-food type of setting. When you work in a hospital, it requires a special skill set -- we need to know our jobs or else the patients will suffer. It becomes tougher every day to encourage our dedicated co-workers to stick around, because of the lack of a contract, and the cuts to our wages and benefits."
"She lacked the criminal responsibility. She could not appreciate the wrongfulness of her conduct."
"[At the end of the day, the feedback was positive.] I bought$200 worth of books, all my Christmas presents, and I got thempersonalized, ... It wasgreat."
"an unfair labor-practices strike."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Labor Quotes

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