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"You get in that pressure situation where you feel like you have to win at home."
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"We played about as well as we played all season. They had back-to-back games like we did, but you could see their legs getting tired. I had a suspicion that we could win this game tonight, but they played above my expectations."
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"Kobe?s going to have a lot of detractors. Unfortunately, we?re not 10 games over .500. We are going to be in the playoffs, that says something about his performance."
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"We're exploring life without Shaq, ... and enjoying it, too."
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"We remind our players that this is something that was a special night in a heated situation but it's not going to be a steady diet for us. The onus on Kobe is to stay inside the team offense. The onus on the players is to pick it up a little bit better."
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"I felt they were self-directed out there. They knew what they wanted to run. They broke down the double-teams and I didn't have to burn timeouts to explain it to them. That was satisfying to me."
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"I've talked to other players that were there, but that was played in like complete silence. I guess there was a radio announcer there, but there was nothing else that you could even document it. People don't even know if they had a backboard or nets."
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"I think that it can provide a space away from the other things that I'm sure have encroached upon his life and really give him a chance to do what he does best, ... His genius is basketball, and to do that he's got to play it at the highest level."
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"In Phil Jackson, they chose a proven winner. That is something I support."
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"I was disappointed with our fourth-quarter beginning. We put ourselves in good position, then didn't score for three minutes. We gave it away."
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"I just think he's a very determined player and dedicated to what he's doing. He's doing a lot of letting things develop on their own."
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"We have a lot of players at that position and, obviously, we've got to make cuts soon. Our desire is to find a place for him and a good opportunity for him and Charlotte was a team that really and truly did want him."
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"The two teams were both tired, but we were able to ride a little energy in the second half. We were able to build a lead that was tough to overcome."
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"With our team, we're still learning what's a good enough lead. We didn't use the clock wisely and they made some big plays."
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"We got in a situation where we were waiting for Kobe?s hand to get hot. We started trying to force it in to him and that hurt us. Kobe had a hard time chasing Dixon around screens."
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"I think it's a matter of trust, a matter of rebuilding the trust that we had, ... And yes, I have talked to Kobe; he actually called me this morning to congratulate me on the job. And I felt confident that he's confident that we can go forward."
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"If you meet the Buddha in the lane, feed him the ball."
"We're not even going to discuss it. It's a basketball team and we've got to focus on what we need to do."
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"I was disappointed in our fourth quarter beginning. We put ourselves in a good position, and didn't score for the first three minutes of the fourth quarter. We gave it away in the fourth, and went from one to eleven."
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"Red and I, I think, have a mutual admiration. That's all I can say."
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