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Jack Templeton Quotes

6 Jack Templeton quotes:

"It's a treasured moment to do an open discussion with a small group of men. They get to know each other, and they get to feel comfortable with each other."
Author: Templeton Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"She had a certain peace."
Author: Templeton Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"You must read his articles and books to know the mind of the donor."
"Father's hot-button issue is donor intent. Foundations are too often taken in a radical direction."
"They're mostly there to tell jokes. In our group we get involved in current events and have programs."
Author: Templeton Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"We talk about the Dubai ports acquisition, capital punishment and current events of the city, (such as) the pension situation – items that have many sides to them. We share everybody's thoughts, and we all learn from that."
Author: Templeton Quotes Category: Events Quotes

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