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10 Tim Ritchey quotes:

"I look forward to Alex's return to the races. The book isn't over ... there are still more chapters to be written to this story. As always, the health of the horse is most important."
"I can't see a speed horse getting away on his own."
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"Hes a very laid back and very easy going horse and he took it better than most horses would have,"
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"He went to the track and jogged a mile, and he was very happy to get out,"
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"Running in a Grade 1 in his second race is not ideally what you want to do, but Menacing showed me a lot off the first race,"
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"That is the race I've been pointing for."
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"At this point, he's only going out once a morning anyhow because the race is coming up."
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"The bottom line is that since barn 14 was no longer a security barn and he would have to be moved on race day anyhow, I thought it would be a better situation in Barn 5. Since there were three stalls available there, it worked out perfectly."
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"I don't anticipate any more problems because it's 99.9 percent healed. He still has a lot of muscle on him. He doesn't have a big belly. That was the point of walking him two hours a day -- keeping him fit and maintaining muscle tone without putting stress on his legs."
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"We expected this kind of performance. I wasn't surprised he was that far back, but when he got rolling, it was a lot of fun."

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