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Jack Parker Quotes

9 Jack Parker quotes:

"They were trying to be too clever, they were worried about getting goals. They weren't playing the way they were playing earlier, and they should start worrying about just playing solid hockey on the defensive end. Play hard, and the puck will go in the net for you."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"I was more concerned about my guys not being ready to play, being like 'Oh man, look at this place. I think they were ready to play tonight."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Man Quotes
"We haven't had two shorthanded goals in a long time. But this team has given up shorthanded goals. I think Northeastern has three shorthanded goals against them. I don't know what that is."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Adversity Quotes
"Our kids remember what that felt like. Nothing would make us happier than to return the favor. Our kids are excited to play in Wimberley, they love the turf, it helps with speed."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"I remember him telling me he was a linebacker at the Kent School [in high school]. And he'd be fending guys off and making tackles during the course of a football game and come Monday, his forearms would be so swelled up, he couldn't hold a pen. He just thought he wasn't tough enough."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: School Quotes
"And in reality, [the players] know it's instant gratification. Somebody's going to truck the trophy around and the other one's going to go home."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"To tell you the truth, we were playing so well, I didn't think we would lose the game. [But] I liked our heart and our effort both nights. I liked our heart and our effort and our poise with the puck and our playmaking ability tonight."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"I really believe that Ricky DiPietro was one of the few, if not the only, goalie in college hockey that people wanted to go to the game and watch him. In that one year he played, he was absolutely fabulous."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: College Quotes
"Well, they all have computers so they knew we were going to get a No. 1 seed before the morning started."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Computers Quotes

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