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7 Jim Williams quotes:

"We are having those discussions with Canada."
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"It would have been difficult to tell Congress that we need millions of dollars to combat 14-year-olds."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"Roger's been running for a year and a half. And there hasn't been an unkind word said."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"If we could push a button, we'd like to reduce the number of documents. We'd like to introduce technology that facilitates the processing. We need to take this into the 21st century."
"We've walked into victim sites where the victim technical support and consultants have asked FBI agents what to do technically. But, of course, we're not allowed to help in that way."
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"We wanted the service of a private dinning club with the steaks of a Ruth's Chris."
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"Our perspective on that is if you are involved in criminal activity, and you are apprehended, it wasn't because of profiling. If you drive through a radar zone operated by one of my officers going 45 in a 25, you weren't stopped because of profiling."

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