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11 Adam LaRoche quotes:

"It's good to see him happy. He misses everybody; he'll always miss being a Brave. It's frustrating to see him there, but to see him enjoying it, to see him liking where he's at, and having (Edgar) Renteria being such a good guy makes it easier."
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"Hats off to him. I think one of the hardest things to do in the game is to keep a hitting streak. I don't think as long as I'm alive we'll ever see anybody get close to 56, but if anybody is going to do it, Jimmy's a great guy."
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"We've played a ton of one-run games. I know we've won some of them, but it just feels like we've lost most of them."
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"We should have done better than winning one out of three games here. We didn't get some hits when we needed them, and we gave up some hits when we didn't need to."
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"If we're going to go home after the first round again, I'd rather not make the playoffs, ... It was a miserable feeling [last year]. If it happened two years in a row, it would be even worse than last year. I've got to have my swing figured out before then."
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"We had a lot of obstacles this year. We've been in and out of trouble all year. We just seemed to battle through it with the new guys."
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"I'm kind of glad. If we had won, we would have come in here and watched television for two hours to see if the Phillies won. I'm not saying I would have complained. Obviously, that would have been better than this. But it will all work out."
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"If you could put us together, I'd love to play with these guys for the next eight years. It'd be a dream. I've thought about that a lot. It'd be cool."
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"It takes a lot of nerve to throw it, ... And to practice it enough to be able to be able to throw strikes ... there's not too many pitching coaches that are going to work on it with you."
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"Unbelievable. I guess I forgot what kind of power he has. He gets some pretty incredible carry when he gets ahold of the ball."
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"I'm just trying to get it going for the postseason. I know we're not in there yet, but I'm planning on going there."
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