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Chris Shelton Quotes

6 Chris Shelton quotes:

"I've never tried to hit a home run. Every time I hit one, I just say to myself, 'There's no way that just happened again.' It's mind-blowing."
Author: Shelton Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"Yeah, that was in the back of my mind a little bit."
Author: Shelton Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"It feels good and it's fun. The biggest thing is we got to go out there and make sure that we get wins. If I'm going out there looking for personal numbers, that's the wrong thing. We need wins, and today what happened got us a win."
Author: Shelton Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"They just felt like I wasn't in their plans at that time. Detroit has given me an opportunity, and I'm taking full advantage of it."
"I didn't think in my wildest dreams I'd be on any of these shows or be doing any of this like I am. I mean, it's fun, but it's kind of overwhelming and kind of shocking."
Author: Shelton Quotes Category: Dreams Quotes
"They're all actually starting to grow on me, if you really want the truth."
Author: Shelton Quotes Category: Truth Quotes

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