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John Ing Quotes

9 John Ing quotes:

"Natural gas has been very strong. Not only is there a seasonal strength but also the realization that a lot of the stocks are very, very cheap. We have the Americans coming in and the oil patch is for sale to the Americans."
Author: Ing Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"The stock has climbed back with clarification from the company."
Author: Ing Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"The big fear, and the cloud that is overhanging the market is inflation. Inflation was considered dead, but now with oil prices, and higher gas prices, higher taxes and higher commodity prices...all of this with higher activity, eventually it's got to show up."
Author: Ing Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"In a period when there were a lot of M&A heated activity they, by virtue of being in the penalty box, could not realistically look at anything because there would be a question mark as to whether you could really close any transaction in a reasonable time."
Author: Ing Quotes Category: Virtue Quotes
"It looks like the technology stocks are recovering, so that's helping the market tone."
Author: Ing Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"We will probably get a better opening to the market. The resource stocks and gold stocks are better today."
Author: Ing Quotes Category: Gold Quotes
"If you mark-to-market the portfolios together, you are looking at multibillion mark-to-market losses, particularly with gold at $500-plus."
Author: Ing Quotes Category: Gold Quotes
"Unfortunately, it's a fact of life that when you have a review, investors tend to penalize the stock."
Author: Ing Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"Gold is a safe haven and there's expectation that with the bloated trade deficit in the U.S., the U.S. dollar is vulnerable."
Author: Ing Quotes Category: Expectation Quotes

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