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Gregg Hymowitz Quotes

3 Gregg Hymowitz quotes:

"I think Citigroup is one of the best ways to play the rising middle class around the world. It's obviously one of the premiere global plays in the financial services sector. Now with a combination of Salomon Smith Barney and Travelers, it reaches all different aspects of the financial services market and obviously it's a global play."
Author: Hymowitz Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"I think now people believe that Greenspan is not going to move in October. Now, so the debate has shifted to whether he takes a tightening bias or no tightening bias."
Author: Hymowitz Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"Clearly people feel less wealthy and people are going to focus on what happens to the direction of interest rates. Over the next couple of weeks, as the election subsides attention is going to shift to (Federal Reserve Chairman) Alan Greenspan."
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