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"I have more power in the later rounds. People used to say I have no endurance; that I was only strong for three or four rounds. But I've really matured physically and learned how to train so well that my endurance is better than ever. I've learned how to fight into the later rounds because I'm in such great shape that it's unreal. I used to be afraid a fight would go into the later rounds, now I welcome it."
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"It would be great for the sport and the division. One title. One champion."
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"[Briggs was in good spirits on Wednesday. He was friendly and accessible and seemed to be in good fighting shape. He joked he weighed 375 pounds but conceded he's more likely in the 245-255 pound range. He said he didn't plan on losing any more weight (] Guys are big now ... I just want to win fights and have fun and just make the best out of my career."
"I'm not ripping and running the streets no more, hitting the clubs and all that. I'm wiser. I'm not a jitterbug anymore. I'm settled down."
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