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25 Rodney Harrison quotes:

"They're 2-0 right now. They're feeling good. We're going into a hostile environment. They want their revenge from the AFC championship and they will let it be known. So we have a set of challenges out there. It only gets tougher."
"Who cares? That's all entertainment-based."
"He's the best in the business. He's a beast. We miss his leadership. We miss his smile. We miss his competitiveness."
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"Of course they have an image of being bad boys and being the dirty boys of the National Football League, ... but a reputation means nothing. What means something is going out there and executing on that particular day."
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"We had some lack of communication and gave up a big play, and our goal is not to give up big plays,"
"There's nothing easy about winning a game in the National Football League, let alone winning a championship, things that we've done in the past. However, that's in the past."
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"We're not a dynasty, we're just a good football team, and we've been a good football team since I've been here. The Chicago Bulls, they were a dynasty. They were a dynasty for six years, but once you lose, you're not a dynasty any more. I don't know how long dynasties last, but it seems like they don't last very long in professional sports nowadays."
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"This is the most prepared since I have been playing football."
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"When it comes down to it, ... it's just football. After all the circus, the antics and the sideshow, it's just football . . . just going out there and just knocking heads and just playing football."
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"I cannot honestly say what's going to happen next year and what the future holds for me in terms of football, ... But I'm going to work my tail off to get back on the field."
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"We're not caught up in history because what we've done in the past means nothing. As soon as you start feeling good about yourself, that's when you've set yourself up for failure."
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"You'd see guys crying on the plane home,"
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"A lot of teams today do not believe in veteran players. But (Belichick) believes in bringing smart, disciplined, tough football players who respect the game and have the ability to move on whether we win or lose."
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"I think what you look for in a person to replace him is a person of integrity, someone that's honest and someone who knows the game and understands that it is the players that drive the game as well as the fans. If you have that, you have an opportunity for a great future for the National Football League and continued success."
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"He's a captain, a leader, a tremendous physical presence in the middle. When you have one of your best friends back, one of your best teammates back, it's always a good, rewarding moment."
"I know I can come back from this, ... It's just a matter of how hard and how bad I want to do it. You and I have talked about this before; football is not my life, it's a part of my life. It's what I do, it's not who I am."
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"Everyone wants to judge us and gauge us on what happened in the past, but this is a totally different team. People have to realize that and we understand that. So there's no guarantee that we're going to go out there and do anything."
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"The league is really set up for the owners to make money and I really don't like the structure of the players' contract. But that's another situation. I think technically, as far as stepping down, he did a great job."
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"I'm really excited at this point in time because I have an opportunity to play in the Super Bowl and I'm expecting my baby."
"I take three showers a day. I don't need to be in the shower for 15 minutes. I'm a five-minute guy."

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