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"It's my understanding that allegedly she identified somebody. But when was the identification, and what were the circumstances?"
"What happens if the DNA comes back and it's none of these young men? How do you apologize to them? How do you make it right? How do you restore their character?"
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"Once these young men are vindicated, I feel that a big apology from the community is in order."
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"I think it's a clear violation. If you've got a lawyer and (police have) been notified, they're supposed to contact your lawyer."
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"Everyone has said from day one, 'There's nothing that happened. So far, the findings have been exactly what the boys said — that it did not happen."
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"It's very important that parents get involved if their children are involved in athletics, band, pep squad or something of that nature. It's very important for the parents to become involved because the fundraising activities and booster club activities are basically the way that most schools pay for those (transportation) expenses."
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