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"(Finding lodging) has been a disaster. There just isn't any place for people to stay. We've tried to accommodate teams that are coming from far off with late games, either noon or 4 o'clock, so they can drive in."
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"This is a new direction in wealth management."
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"Everything comes down to economics. The incentive is to sell the land to non-ag buyers,"
"We're still really young on the boys' side, ... We just have to be patient and we'll eventually get better. We're running a lot of first-year juniors and sophomores and we've got to get the experience and understand how to run those races."
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"Psychologically, going into the next two games against (the Galaxy), it's a great big boost for the boys. We performed great tonight and it's a fantastic win that sets us up now for the next two or three games."
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"None of those teams got to play in the fall. Now, they're back. Gulf Coast United has boys teams in every age group. That's awesome, and big news for them."
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"There are lots of planning opportunities in the timing of withdrawals to pay for college. For high school juniors, we're rebalancing to prepare for payout. For seniors, we may not plan payouts until the family has gotten their financial-aid package."
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"Let's not cheat our children out of an education."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"They're a pretty good football team, ... But we just weren't focused."
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"We have 26 girls out and that's as many as I can remember in a long time. I can remember just a few years ago going to meets and not being able to fill all the events. It's going to be fun this year."
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"We're looking for improvement every meet from them. If they can do that - keep improving - eventually we'll get our points there."
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"The costs of an annuity are a humongous drag on a portfolio. You add in the ordinary income tax rate on withdrawals, and it's very hard to make it work out."
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"The costs of an annuity are a humongous drag on a portfolio. You add in the ordinary income-tax rate on withdrawals, and it's very hard to make it work out."
"It's a mess out there with health-insurance costs."
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"The farmer then has an incentive not to sell his land, ... And society has what it wants - open space."
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"Our kids played hard and stepped up. We practiced hard the last two weeks. It was one of those hard fought battles,"
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"isn't a matter of race."
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"They ran together just about the whole race and there was only a two second difference between them. They've been doing that all year long, going back and forth. This time they kind of partnered up and had some good competition between them, ... Looking ahead we'd like to see both of them contend for one of those top two places at districts. We just need our middle and back end to move up more and we've been moving up. We were in the 20s and now we're in the teens, so we're starting to see some improvement there."
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"A lot of credit goes to our offensive line. I told them at halftime to give the running backs a second to get into the holes and that's what happened in the second half. It was a team effort."
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"The big thing with Lars was that he was keenly interested, and he had a good, bright mind. And then you tie in his athletic ability. That's the recipe for success in billiards."
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