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David Price Quotes

10 David Price quotes:

"When those have hit he works very hard to get material in here so local contractors aren't having to pay the inflated rates. I would trust him with everything I had."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"It's a great honor. Everyone on that list are people I heard about last year. I was able to play with a couple of them this summer. They are tremendous baseball players."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Honor Quotes
"That's the main goal, this whole day is to make sure that that charity stays on their minds and people remember all of the fallen police and firefighters out there and their families."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Charity Quotes
"A lot of people would have written me off but I've faith in my heart and my chin."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Faith Quotes
"A1 Team USA is focused so much on the driver and its race team, that it is an honor to be chosen to serve as part of this team for USA, ... I certainly will use my experience in the last 25 plus years to give Team USA the edge."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Honor Quotes
"The Rules of Golf do not differentiate between fairways, rough, or even aprons, stating all areas 'through the green' (all areas of the course except the teeing grounds, greens, and hazards) are similar in play. You can gain relief for an embedded ball in a closely mown area (see fairway), but 'closely mown' is only defined by local rules."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Golf Quotes
"Having a kid like Will is a great joy. Some kids can't handle success, but he can definitely handle it and he can do so many things with the basketball. He can shoot it, he can handle it. He'd play any position I wanted him to play."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Joy Quotes
"Since we (the officials) are bound to Rules Book, we have to treat all shots 'through the green' exactly the same, ... Sure it's imperfect but believe it or not, the rules have evolved over the years. Maybe this will too."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"We have consensus on a couple of major points. One is the value of early retail contests in Iowa and New Hampshire and secondly, there needs to be a more diverse set of early contests. We're trying to give appropriate weight to both premises."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"When he was in high school he was a man among boys and he's probably put on 40 pounds since high school. Eric's still the same, he's just fun to be around. He plays hard, he rebounds the ball, he loves to dunk and he's a great kid."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Boys Quotes

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