Mike Mills Quotes

4 Mike Mills quotes:

"It's not perfect. I have problems with it. But as a learning experience, it was a great practice exercise."
Author: Mills Quotes Category: Exercise Quotes
"The rate increase will be less because of their hard work. We're selling energy and making money because of them."
Author: Mills Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"I relate to Lou a lot, ... We're both sensitive boys who think too much. Sensitive straight boys who think too much. We're kind of caught in the middle."
Author: Mills Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"I had to find a young person who was willing to show his fear in a way that's not fake. The character is very vulnerable and exposed. When Lou came in, he had this nervousness that he didn't try to hide. He was a real kid - but he was also an amazing actor."
Author: Mills Quotes Category: Fear Quotes

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