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Mark Rodgers Quotes

5 Mark Rodgers quotes:

"Opponents have long complained that Congress had not authorized commercial development of offshore wind energy. Now it has."
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"The calculator is designed to provide a basic projection of consumers' buying potential. Our built-in debt-to-income ratio calculates the high end of affordability."
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"It's important work, and it's good that the U.S. government would get involved. Certainly the European Union has gotten involved in the field."
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"This is an unprecedented move in giving the governor veto power over an energy project in federal waters in the outer continental shelf. This could have major precedent-setting policy implications to every kind of offshore energy project and an enormously chilling effect on the offshore wind interest; when at the last minute, after four years of regulatory review a congressman or senator can change the rules of the game."
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"Making important energy policy that affects national security, the economy and public health is too important to be done behind the closed doors of a conference committee that avoids public hearings or the scrutiny of the full committees of each chamber. This is coming at a time when members of both parties are talking about their commitment to reform Congress to make their work more transparent and to curtail the influence of lobbyists."

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