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5 John Curry quotes:

"Here (college) that's not going to cut it. You have to anticipate whether the guy's going to pass or shoot, things like that."
"There appears to have been a number of discussions held between Telstra and the Government which really should have been made public,"
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"To win a championship in March is something you work for all year. It puts a finishing touch on a great year we've had so far, and more to come hopefully."
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"If you ask any goalie around, especially at this level, you need the confidence of both your team and your coaches. It felt good to hear that, and obviously I read it. He does that from time to time, he's very good at throwing little subtle hints in there."
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"That is not their job at all. Their job is to keep all shareholders fully informed and the Government is just one shareholder out of 1.6 million and no shareholder should get any information before any other shareholder."
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