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Jim Phillips Quotes

7 Jim Phillips quotes:

"We're moving into a lot of different areas of society. That's exciting, but a little bit frightening."
Author: Phillips Quotes Category: Society Quotes
"I think the next step is to try to get his mom and dad down [to U.Va.], probably for a football weekend. Then everyone will have seen it . . . and then I think you're in a more serious place."
Author: Phillips Quotes Category: Dad Quotes
"This is our top priority. This is an example of a federal grant program that has a direct impact on counties and cities across the country."
Author: Phillips Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"First, a budget has to reflect the goals and objectives of the district, and this budget does not do that."
Author: Phillips Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"He's the first to acknowledge he has academic learning to do. But there's nothing to suggest he won't be a quick study."
Author: Phillips Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"There's a whole question about the commitment of the university to support programs,"
"Some seniors are afraid of computers or don't know how to use them well to feel confident to file online."
Author: Phillips Quotes Category: Computers Quotes

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