George Cole Quotes

6 George Cole quotes:

"I was always in plays at school and in school concerts - you could say I liked to show off."
"I received quite a lot of ribbing whenever I went into the bank and people were always offering me Havana cigars - it was very nice."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: British Actor Quotes
"I was paid to be cheeky and people clapped me for it."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: British Actor Quotes
"You can't do something for 15 years on and off, making 107 episodes, without absolutely loving it. It was heaven."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Heaven Quotes
"Mountain men traveled in very large parties and trapped beavers in the Rocky Mountains, and every year they gathered in a rendezvous. That's where they would sell the hides to traders."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"I wouldn't have any problem with that, if it would stop the thievery. My customers wouldn't mind doing it, I don't think. They're honest people."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Mind Quotes

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