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George Borrow Quotes

9 George Borrow quotes:

"Sherry . . . a sickly compound, the use of which will transform a nation, however bold and warlike by nature, into a race of sketchers, scribblers and punsters, in fact into what Englishmen are at the present day."
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"It has been said that idleness is the parent of mischief, which is very true; but mischief itself is merely an attempt to escape from the dreary vacuum of idleness."
"There are no countries in the world less known by the British than those selfsame British Islands."
"A losing trade, I assure you, sir: literature is a drug."
"The author of `Amelia' [Fielding], the most singular genius which their island ever produced, whose works it has long been the fashion to abuse in public and to read in secret."
Author: Borrow Quotes Category: Genius Quotes
"Two great talkers will not travel far together."
"Next to the love of God, the love of country is the best preventive of crime."
"Translation is at best an echo."
"Youth will be served, every dog has his day, and mine has been a fine one."

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