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5 Frank Armstrong quotes:

"This is disappointing news for patients and for us at Bayer. We had hoped that this agent would be a significant advance in the treatment of these diseases."
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"By expanding DFS into Canada, we are able to better meet our existing clients' needs while positioning ourselves strategically for future growth opportunities. The Canadian marketplace is a natural expansion of our industry-leading field services business and will allow us to be a single source of inspections and audits for our U.S. and Canadian clients."
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"The IRS just doesn't care about romance."
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"If your kid doesn't go to college, you subsidize your own retirement."
"If you're 22 and just out of school, you can afford to make a risk because you'll have a lot of time to make it up before you retire. For somebody mid-career, you can take a chance, but if you do that, you have to protect your investment capital -- your IRA and your other savings."
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