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49 Tom Ridge quotes:

"This enforcement action represents an outstanding example of international cooperation in disrupting the proliferation of radiological material,"
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"Trust is a great force multiplier."
"very interested in any technology that can help create a safer and more secure America."
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"I'm honored to join the extraordinary team you've assembled to lead America. The size and scope of this challenge are immense ... an extraordinary mission. But we will carry it out."
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"to make North America more secure and more prosperous."
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"There will always be more to do, but today, America is significantly stronger and safer than ever before,"
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"If America has the opportunity to make a strategic investment that not only enhances security but makes us a better, safer, stronger, or healthier country, then we need to do that. If you secure every home town, then the homeland is secure."
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"America understands and hopefully appreciates, ... when there is that kind of information, we share it no matter how incomplete it may be."
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"I think for a long time we thought we were 'fortress America' and that we were impenetrable. Maybe in our heart of hearts we knew sooner or later that it was going to happen, ... But to take a look at the president and extraordinary vice president ... I couldn't think of a better team at a tougher time to be leading America, so I'm optimistic about it."
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"Protecting this information is critically important. Shut them down and you shut down America as we know it,"
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"the best way to protect America."
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"[• The U.S. homeland is better protected. America has become a land scoured, probed, patrolled and fenced by a web of informers, computers, guards, spies, tape recorders, detectors, sensors, Jersey barriers, concrete planters and bomb-sniffing dogs. It may have nipped some plots in the bud and deterred others.] We look differently as a country now to the terrorists, ... We have created security measures unlike the terrorists have seen before, and we continue to upgrade them."
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"Bush is willing to tackle the tough issues -- the ones some leaders refuse to touch, ... Issues such as real education reform, national security and defense, preserving Social Security and restoring America's values to government."
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"We'll be ready to answer every danger and every enemy that threatens the American people."
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"It's the responsibility of our staff to plan and prepare this being almost a permanent part of our environment in the future,"
"Your characterization of it as being a significantly different threat environment, based on what we historically have heard, is absolutely correct, ... So there certainly is a diminution, reduction in the amount of intelligence, and the decibel level is lower."
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"If you make it a referendum on a president with a 67 percent approval rating, you shouldn't be surprised if the election goes against you."
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"Clearly, Canada is not going to send troops to Iraq. That's just a fact and you've made that decision ... so that's off the table. But maybe we re-engage on softwood, re-engage on missile defense. It's an opportunity."
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"following a terrorism-related event, fear and panic can be expected from both patients and health care providers."
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"We know they have the capability to succeed and they also hold the mistaken belief that their attacks will have an impact on America's resolve,"
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