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"This year we have not done a thorough enough job going through the budget to look for reductions. A 7 percent increase is too much for the increasingly stressed taxpayers in this town to handle. With less money, I believe that we would still be able to sustain the high quality schools that we have."
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"We are in a race, but we don't know where the finish line is. We must have more consultation with the town council in order to determine where the finish line is. There is nothing in this budget that I would like to cut because everything in it has educational value, but we do need to get a number that the town wants us to aim for so we can look at some of the things in the budget differently."
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"I think we are talking about Middle School Quest. It has got to be looked at."
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"With such a substantial increase in our budget, I think that it is a mistake to add [the World Language program] in. This sends the wrong message because we should be looking for more cuts, not ways to add programs in."
"It's like we're in this race, but we don't know how long the race is. Making or projecting cuts without the context provided by a target is a very difficult exercise."
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