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"Our members believe that live music is essential, and minimums are appropriate and necessary."
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"The secretary acknowledges unevenness in how these duties are handled, ... The families that raised them deserve the honor of proper notification."
Author: Quinn Quotes Category: Honor Quotes
"My wife kids me all the time, ... She tells me, 'You're complaining about the hours, but you absolutely love this.' And I do. I do love it."
"We're really not trying to make it miserable for people. But it's burning electricity. Our quick estimate is that it's costing us $100,000 per year."
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"It's anybody's guess. But what is written on the horizon is we've got a whopper of a budget problem."
Author: Quinn Quotes Category: Budgets Quotes
"Some brands are willing to take the risk with metrics. It shows the real willingness of major brand marketers, the skepticism they have in traditional media, to go ahead and shift dollars to alternative media. And as marketers see some success, these triple digit growth rates will continue."
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