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"But some nursing homes are really going to suffer because of the governor's budget."
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"I believe this is the best of both worlds, the best compromise at this point in time, as the education system has evolved, ... The school environment continues to change and this bill will continue to allow parents to choose where their children go to school."
"My goal is to help small districts in the short term, ... Once the cap hits 15 percent it would be permanent but I'm realistic about the legislative process and how it works. If it comes down to whether or not it will pass I'll have to talk to everyone involved in my district and see if a compromise can't be reached."
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"He's 6-foot-6, 6-foot-7, and Division I football prospect. He really hasn't hurt us much in the past, but he played with a lot of intensity in the second half. He was the best player in the building."
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