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Ethel Merman Quotes

7 Ethel Merman quotes:

"I was born in my parents' bedroom on January 16. The World Almanac says it was 1909. I say it was 1912. But what difference does it make as long as I feel 33?"
"I take a breath when I have to."
"Christmas carols always brought tears to my eyes. I also cry at weddings. I should have cried at a couple of my own."
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"I can never remember being afraid of an audience. If the audience could do better, they'd be up here on stage and I'd be out there watching them."
"Always give them the old fire, even when you feel like a squashed cake of ice."
"I can hold a note as long as the Chase National Bank."
"Broadway has been very good to me. But then, I've been very good to Broadway."
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