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"Where do you stage? Where do you go? You have to have communications, you have to have electricity, you have to have dry ground. These are all things that have to exist, and these are all things that don't exist in New Orleans."
"When we started out doing this, basically what we were doing was throwing money at the problem. In most cases, people had absolutely no idea how to spend the money."
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"The president's behind him. If he left tomorrow, (deputy defense secretary) Gordon England would be secretary of defense, and defense policies and what we do in Iraq would look exactly the same."
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"We have a history of occupations that goes back to the American Revolution, and we always do it the same way: We always just figure it out when we get there."
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"He's stuck it out when lesser men would walk away. I don't care what you call that, hubris or whatever. I truthfully think just changing the captain on the ship wouldn't have made any difference. If anything, it may have slowed things down because at least that captain knows the mistakes he made."
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"A lot of money we threw out there was wasted because the technology was not so good."
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"I can't think of one good example in history where a nation built another nation. Countries that succeed rebuild themselves."
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"In terms of the physical resources the federal government brings to bear, the Corps of Engineers is going to be there a long, long time, ... Certainly, OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) will be engaged because of the safety issues, and cleanup will be enormous. EPA is going to be involved."

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