Michael Mahoney Quotes

5 Michael Mahoney quotes:

"With all that cash, if they bought software that enhances their services business, that could be an interesting strategy,"
"You have had a period near the end of this year, where it looks like a lot of strength was in some of the speculative stuff, in the frothy names,"
Author: Mahoney Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"Technology executives get less compensation in cash and more in stock so there's more of an incentive to sell. So if you do see a bit of insider buying going on, that is a positive sign."
Author: Mahoney Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"The quality of IBM's earnings haven't been improving."
Author: Mahoney Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"If Microsoft was not in the monopoly position that it is in, the increasing frequency of security concerns would cause more anxiety in the marketplace."
Author: Mahoney Quotes Category: Security Quotes

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