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"Based on prior experience, consumers will travel by car this summer, as long as the economy remains strong. There may be some moves away from big vehicles, which we've already seen to some degree, but gasoline costs won't curtail travel."
"It would hurt some local business people. It's not going to bring down the price of gasoline."
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"Basically what is happening is the industry is trying to stop a run on wholesale gasoline by gas stations, ... The gas station owners don't want to under price the market and possibly run out of gasoline."
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"They promised to raise production and they've lived up to that, ... This is a domestic issue. It has become necessary for the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to grant waivers to prevent shortages."
"We can't blame OPEC this time,"
"It pretty much caused the whole industry to stampede into the use of ethanol."
"This in many ways is the worst-case scenario that the oil industry has been fearing. Production, distribution, and refining has slowed to a crawl through the whole area and that will mean higher gasoline prices throughout the entire United States."
"There are isolated, scattered situations of stations running out (of gasoline) and lines forming, but it's nothing I would characterize as a region-wide or metropolitan-wide,"
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"They only have a certain number of paid days off from work, the kids are out of school, and they're just very reluctant to give it up,"
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"There's no need for panic buying or for people to hoard gasoline. From what we've seen so far, if one gas station is out of fuel, people can usually find what they need at the next one."
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"Most people have planned this weekend in advance, they've planned all spring for it. So the fact that they're going to have to spend a little more is not going to derail their plans."
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